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Electrostatic Precipitators


For more than a century, on the basis of Dr. Frederick Gardner Cottrell’s patent through Research-Cottrell company, Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP’s) have been the preferred Air Quality Control Technology for particulate abatement in power generation and industrial processes throughout the world.

ESP's can be designed to meet stringent particulate emission standards with minimal pressure loss and high equipment reliability for extended plant operation.
Hamon has an installed base of over 5000 ESP's in numerous industries.

Hamon provides a full range of equipment for dry electrostatic precipitators, including preassembled and panel type collecting plates, durable rigid discharge electrodes, mechanical tumbling hammers or electromagnetic rapping devices and a full range of microprocessor controls.

Fact and figures:

  • Gas flow over 2 000 000 Nm3/h
  • Collecting plate height over 16 m
  • High frequency and 3 phases transformer efficiency
  • ESP’s on power plant in excess of 1 000 units and 200 000 MWe
  • Total ESP’s installed by Hamon :   > 5 000 units


ESP’s supplied for all industrial processes such as:


Hamon Air Quality System Business Unit is able to supply several ESPs types:

  1. HiR  type for High Reliability ESP, with Magnetic Impulse Gravity Impact (MIGI) rapper, developed with ExxonMobil
  2. Compact type with tumbling hammer system
  3. Compact + type developed for large power plant application (>450 MW up to 1100 MW)


Hamon ESP strengths:

  • Optimized ESP designs according Industrial application
  • Worldwide supplier
  • Customer services and expertizes