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Integrated solutions for a clean environnement


All industries are constantly searching for improvement potentials in their process and production. Our service teams can help you get the most from your cooling tower and

  • to ensure its availability
  • to prolong equipment service life, delaying new capital investment
  • to reduce operating costs and ensure the optimum level of performance
  • to reduce costly down time due to equipment failures
  • to ensure safe operating, environmental and working conditions


Our teams can perform all necessary tests and analysis

  • technical: thermal, aerolic and acoustic
  • environmental constraints
  • economical balance
  • safety


A regular maintenance assured by one of our experienced teams can guarantee you to get the most of your cooling tower. A poorly maintained cooling tower will cause a loss of performance and might be a source of legionella.

Some tips to limit the legionella risk.

Repair, refurbishment, upgrade

After the diagnosis has been completed, we will propose an effective and economical solution for an improved or restored operation of your cooling tower.

We have a strong know-how in cooling tower refurbishment, especially for natural draft,  for which we a have a specialized team led by experienced managers with a solid technical background. They have

  • the comprehension and experience to act as reliable advisors at any stage of our project
  • a deep knowledge of the safety rules
  • are deeply involved in environmental concerns and challenges
  • have the capacity to perform in  very short times during shut downs

rehabilitation of an induced
draft cooling tower

Natural draft refurbishment

Hamon Thermal is the specialist in this field.

A well performed rehabilitation presents the following advantages:

  • a short payback period
  • a restoration or even improvement compared to the original design point
  • a selection of the most efficient fill media and application of the most up-to-date cooling tower technology without the investment of a new cooling tower.

rehabilitation of a natural
draft cooling tower