Hamon Group

Integrated solutions for a clean environnement

Heat Exchange Media

Hamon has a wide range of heat transfer media suitable for:

  • any industrial water
  • sea water
  • low pH solution
  • TSE (treated sewage effluent)


The GOLDENGRIDS, the real splash fill, is the all purpose solution suitable for most water qualities, including sea water and heavily contaminated water. This heat transfer media consists of trays hung from beams located above the water distribution. The grids, their supports and spacers are made of polypropylene; the wires according to the water corrosivity are in SS316 or in a more exotic alloy.          
The TRICKLEFILL offers what is probably the highest resistance to scaling and fouling worldwide. Using Hamon’s well proven technology of  non-contact sheets, this vertical core fill is designed with wide sheet spacing.The sheets are smooth and incorporate a number of large square holes. The holes induce beneficial turbulence for heat transfer, whilst no fouling or scaling occurs on the supports.The strips (resulting from perforation) make this pack act partly like a grid type. Therefore it is an excellent alternative to « mesh » or « 3D grids ». It can be produced PVC and PP.        
The COOLFREE is the most advanced film fill combining low-fouling and low-scaling properties whilst retaining good thermal performance. The main application is for cooling towers using very poor water quality, in some cases even without water treatment. It is also very good for film fill cross-flow cooling towers.         
The CLEANFLOW film fill has been qualified worldwide as the best film fill combining low fouling properties with good thermal performance. It is well adapted to any induced draft or natural draft cooling tower using poor quality industrial water. It is also suitable for other severe applications such as laminated decanting and gas cleaning.         
The CLEANFLOW PLUS is the improved tech-nology of the cleanflow fill by increasing its thermal perform ance whilst retaining its fouling resistance. It is well adapted to any induced or natural draft cooling tower using poor industrial water quality, in particular sea water.         
The COOLFILM is probably the most thermally efficient fill worldwide. It is well adapted to any induced draft or natural draft cooling tower using normal industrial water quality.