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Sea Water

Can a cooling tower be more advantageous than a once-through  sea cooling?

A case-by-case economic study should be done for each case. Conclusions will in numerous cases be favourable to the cooling tower solution.

When close to the sea shore, many plants are cooled by a once-through sea water system. The investment for such a system is huge and the heat rejection back to the sea can either generate hot water recirculation and/or impact the sea ecosystem beyond acceptable levels. Replacing the once-through system by a cooling tower circuit tremendously reduces both initial investment costs and sea environmental impact of the power plant. The design of the cooling tower will take, among others, the salt concentration into account. Special care is given to construction materials (structure in concrete, protection for mechanical parts, etc.) and fill media type. Hamon sea water cooling towers are cooling millions of cubic meters in many places in the world. 


Compared to once-through system, a sea water cooling tower offers

  • lower investment costs
  • lower impact on the sea ecosystem
  • less recirculation problems


Specific features

  • special protection of mechanical equipment
  • concrete, FRP structure
  • hardware and anchors in non corrosive material
  • design applicable to natural draft, mechanical draft and plume abated cooling towers.