Hamon Group

Integrated solutions for a clean environnement

About us

Hamon, company founded in 1904, is an international engineering and contracting company (EPC), present in the five continents and listed on the Euronext stock exchange of Brussels since 1997 (for more financial information, see our annual report).


Our 5 niche activities 

Hamon  is positioned as one of the world leaders, both for equipment and aftermarket sales and services in the following niche markets:

  1. Cooling Systems (CS)
  2. Process Heat Exchangers (PHE)
  3. Air Quality Systems (AQS)
  4. Chimneys
  5. Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) & Waste Heat Boilers (WHB)


Our customers

The services offered to customers include design, manufacture of certain key components, project management, on-site installation (including civil works in some cases), start-up and aftermarket service.
The main targeted customers are:

  • Electric power plants
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries
  • Other heavy industries including steel, cement, minerals, glass and waste incineration.

Besides end-users, Hamon also sells its products and services to large engineering firms (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).
Hamon offers to its customers, at competitive prices, innovative systems using the latest technology and that effectively respond to their needs, while practicing strict cost control. Visit our latest news pages for more information.


Our presence in the world

Hamon, with its international network of companies, currently employs some 1737 people in 24 countries across the world.

Among these countries, none appears on the list of fragile states / territories identified by the World Bank.

For more information on your local Hamon subsidiary, visit our web portal.

Moreover, Hamon employs several hundred people under fixed-term contracts for installation projects (most notably on new job sites).

Visit our careers pages for more jobs available or follow us on LinkedIn to keep you informed.


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