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Air Quality Systems

Hamon Air Quality Systems: more than a century of expertise

Hamon Air Quality Systems began when Dr. Frederick Gardner Cottrell invented the first industrial electrostatic precipitator in 1907. To support scientific research, Dr. Cottrell co-founded the non-profit Research Corporation in 1912. Forty years later, Research Corporation gave birth to Research-Cottrell.

Hamon Air Quality Systems continues the tradition of engineering excellence pioneered by Dr. Cottrell. Operating through its major brands of Hamon, Research-Cottrell, Hamon -Environmental, Enviroserv, DGE and ReaCt, Hamon is today a world leader in Air Quality Systems by designing, building, and servicing top class Air Quality Systems for the Power generation, the Heavy Industries and the Waste to Energy Plants.


Reducing emissions is a mandatory and complex task for any industry. The result must not only comply with present and future regulatory requirements, it must also integrate the needs of specific production processes, schedules and budget constraints.

Hamon Air Quality Systems has decades of experience in the design, engineering, construction, start-up, operation and maintenance of Air Quality Systems. In order to test and optimize our designs and continuous technological improvements, we conduct our own in-house flow dynamics models and computer simulations.

This expertise, which includes countless in situ emission control systems for numerous and varied processes, allows us to confidently apply technology to any specific requirement. Every of our employees is committed and proud to work for a better environment.

Knowledge and Understanding of Regulations

The ever-changing industrial and governmental rules and regulations are a challenge that Hamon Air Quality Systems readily accepts. We constantly monitor the regulations to ensure that our systems, parts and services meet increasingly stringent demands.