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RCDC Dry Cooling Systems

Why dry cooling?


Over the last 20 years, the dry cooling systems for power plants have gained an increasing interest as an alternative to the wet cooling systems. They are likely to be preferred in the following circumstances.


  • Early permission to build a power plant is usually in favor of the Dry cooling for which locations are in greater numbers and permits received earlier
  • Water supply is an issue whether water is not/poorly available or made too expensive or a sensitive subject today or tomorrow;
  • The plume of the wet towers even reduced by use of a hybrid wet cooling tower is not welcome for various reasons.


Under the trade name, Research-Cottrell Dry Cooling, Hamon offers both direct (ACC) and indirect (IDDC) dry cooling systems.


Global organisation

RCDC runs an integrated organisation of 5 main offices located in Europe, in US, China, Korea and India which form the global template of experts dedicated to dry cooling.

RCDC retains a wealth of experience and knowledge within its technical and executive staff reaching to the highest levels of its organisation.  This includes a significant number of those involved with the original development of the single row concept and subsequent establishment of manufacturing facilities for the single row fin tube bundle.  Such knowledge and experience renders RCDC uniquely placed to offer a highly developed fin tube bundle together with the highest levels of quality and service in the supply of the latest design of air cooled steam condenser technology.