Hamon Group

Integrated solutions for a clean environnement

Our Values


Based on more than 100 years of success stories, we strongly support, we have the respect for and we trust continually on:  

  1. Professionalism :
    Hamon attaches great importance to the innovation and performance of the services and products it provides its customers.

  2. Respect for the individual :
    Hamon respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and aims to foster a positive relationship with its teams.

  3. Respect for the environment :
    Hamon holds the protection of the environment at the heart of its operations and services.

  4. Respect for the cultural diversity :
    Throughout the world, Hamon promotes cultural diversity in its working relationships with its partners, teams and local communities.

According those values, Hamon devlop a company CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and an ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES charter.