Hamon Group

Integrated solutions for a clean environnement

Research & Development

Data Reconciliation

More than a century of data collection is used on a daily basis to benchmark mathematical calculation against reality. Hamon’s expertise therefore increases every day, enabling its empirical surveys to cope with the everchanging regulation environment. In addition, designs are continuously improved and, consequently, offer the optimum solution for every specific case.


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Modelling

Mathematical models enable Scientists and Engineers to carry out numerical tests in a virtual laboratory. Our 3-phase and 3-dimensional systems are modelling physical laws through mathematical equations (Euler & Lagrange) and enable to determine optimal flow configurations for all types of requirements.

In particular, nozzle arrangements, baffles, packings and other internals are scrutinized so the overall efficiency of the system is optimized.


An example of Applied Research : Conversion of ESP into FF

When regulations change the emission levels or when capacities need to be increased, or both, existing ESP’s can be modified by changing part or whole of their internals by a Fabric Filter arrangement.

Since most of the existing Equipment (casing, hoppers, supporting structure, ash handling system,…) is reused, this operation represents a substantial saving in cost and footprint and requires a minimum downtime period.