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23 Dec 2016 Regulated and privileged information of 23-12-2016 - Launch of the public offer

19 Dec 2016 Hamon & Cie (International) Capital Increase

19 Dec 2016 Annule et remplace - Résultats S1 2016 : Information Financière consolidée intérimaire résumée & Rapport du Commissaire

07 Nov 2016 Hamon & Cie (International) Capital Increase

28 Oct 2016 Trading update Q3 2016

Hamon booked new orders for EUR 384 million during the first 9 months of 2016 (EUR 325 million for the same period of 2015, or +18%). Q4 looks promising, especially for the Cooling business, with several letters of intent signed.

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04 Aug 2016 Convocation à l’assemblée générale des obligataires du 22 août 2016

Please find here the procedure and all related documents.
Veuillez trouver ici la procédure ainsi que tous documents relatifs à l'assemblée générale des obligataires.

28 Jul 2016 Extension Syndicated Credit Facilities - Extension du crédit syndiqué

06 Jul 2016 Syndicated credit facility extension - Prolongation du crédit syndiqué

The 380 million EUR syndicated credit facility dated 2011 has been extended with all the banks from the syndicate.

Le crédit syndiqué de EUR 380 millions conclu en 2011 a été prolongé avec l’ensemble des banques du syndicat.

26 Apr 2016 Trading update Q1 2016

Q1 2016 – Doubling of new order bookings at EUR 190 million, strengthening the backlog – Strategic plan.

Hamon booked new orders amounting to EUR 189.7 million during the first three months of 2016, twice the level of Q1 2015 (EUR 84 million) with a historical performance of the BU Air Quality Systems (EUR 101 million in Q1 2016), thus increasing the Group backlog at end of March 2016. As a reminder, the new order bookings for the full year 2015 had amounted to EUR 448 million, following the postponement of their decisions by some customers.
Elaboration and launching of new 2016-2020 strategic plan. 

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05 Apr 2016 Completion of Capital Increase by Sopal

29 Feb 2016 Consolidated Annual Results 2015

Revenue increased by 15%
Improved consolidated EBITDA (+9%) of EUR 25.1 million despite a slower-than-expected turnaround of the Process Heat Exchangers (PHE) Business Unit (EBITDA excluding PHE: EUR 35.5 million)
Improved EBITDA of the BUs Cooling Systems (+30%) and Air Quality Systems (+20%)

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30 Oct 2015 Trading update Q3 2015

15 Oct 2015 Notification of Shareholderhip - Esindus

09 Oct 2015 New denominator

09 Oct 2015 Notification of shareholdership

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9 October 2015 – Sopal International / Région Wallonne

07 Oct 2015 Completion of Hamon & Cie (International) capital increases

07 Oct 2015 Completion of Hamon & Cie (International) Capital Increases

06 Oct 2015 End of the Share Dematerialization Process

End of the share dematerialization process: sale of Hamon’s non converted bearer shares on the market

In accordance with the applicable regulation (Article 11, §1 of the Belgian law of December 14, 2005, as modified by the law of December 21, 2013), Hamon must sell the outstanding Hamon bearer (non-dematerialized) shares on the market. Currently 1.013 shares (ISIN code: BE 0003700144) or 0.01% of the total issued equity, have not yet been converted into either dematerialized shares or registered shares.

Holders still have the possibility to convert their bearer shares until October 29, 2015, at the latest. This can be done by depositing them at the headquarters of the company, Axisparc, 2 rue Emile Francqui, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert (contact person: marie-chantal.majerus@hamon.com). All remaining bearer shares will be sold by Hamon on the Euronext Brussels stock exchange, before November 30, 2015. After deduction of incurred costs, the proceeds of this sale will be deposited at the CAISSE DES DÉPÔTS ET CONSIGNATIONS/DEPOSITO-EN CONSIGNATIEKAS, where holders can still claim the reimbursement of their bearer shares, after deduction of the penalties as described in the law, as from January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2024.

The dematerialization process does not modify the capital of Hamon & Cie (International) S.A. which is represented today by 9.009.654 shares. 

05 Oct 2015 Hamon & Cie (International) capital increase

28 Apr 2015 Trading update Q1 2015

09 Apr 2015 Results H1 2015

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27 Feb 2015 Consolidated annual results 2014

  • Good new order bookings and backlog at new historically high level (close to EUR 800 million)

  • Excellent Group EBITDA despite the negative contribution of the Process Heat Exchanger BU

  • Positive net income 


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31 Oct 2014 Trading update Q3 2014

Hamon booked new orders for EUR 476.7 million during the first 9 months of 2014 (EUR 532.1 million and 292.3 million for the same period of 2013 and 2012), along with new orders for EUR132.1 million during the third quarter of 2014 (respectively EUR 99.5 million and EUR 87.2 million for the same period in 2013 and 2012).



17 Oct 2014 New Denominator

Following the capital increase in accordance with the law of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major shareholdings in listed companies, Hamon informs the market that the new data on the share capital and the number of shares are the following...

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28 Aug 2014 Results H1 2014

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23 Apr 2014 Purchase of own share in the context of a liquidity contract

In the framework of a liquidity contract, Hamon & Cie (International) SA/NV announces today that it has bought 211 shares during the period of 14/4/2014 up to 17/4/2014. For the same period, Hamon & Cie (International) SA/NV has sold 282 own shares.

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