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Cooling Tower Manufacturer

Cooling Tower Manufacturer

As your cooling tower manufacturer, Hamon offers a wide range of services.

Hamon take in charge as an experienced cooling tower manufacturer from design projects to supply and construction. Our flexible options will provide you with everything you need, including concrete shells for large cooling towers and ready-to-assemble modules: we offer a combination of services and products to suit every situation. From acting as your trusted advisor on system maintenance to assisting with system start-up and decommissioning, Hamon is a one-stop company for cooling towers and related equipment. We also offer the option to have various parts built and completed by different stakeholders to allow for the utmost flexibility.

Hamon is a cooling tower manufacturer you can truly depend on

Hamon has been in business supplying cooling towers to the mining industry and other industries since 1904. The company is also your one-stop cooling tower manufacturer, offering an extensive range of services. Today, the company is a leader in field-erected cooling systems for power generation and other industries. As a comprehensive cooling tower manufacturer, Hamon has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of more than 6000 cooling towers around the world. The company has provided versatile solutions for all types of power plants in the most demanding conditions.  

Our projects include natural draft cooling towers with the options of flue gas injection or water collecting devices, fan assisted natural draft cooling towers, induced draft cooling towers (all structure types), and plume abatement (for use in induced draft and fan assisted natural draft cooling towers). The advantages of working with Hamon include impressive technological capabilities to enable outstanding performance. This expertise allows our customers to take full advantage of the ambient air humidity, re-cooled water temperatures at least 20°C lower than a radiator, and outstanding fuel savings and carbon emission reductions.  Hamon equipment is designed to custom specifications that allow for efficiency, long life expectancies, power savings and adherence to local environmental regulations.

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Hamon brings more than 100 years of experience to every job, using in-house engineering by experts who explore the full potential of the site to help clients determine the best cooling tower systems for use in each individual situation. Specifically, all cooling tower projects take the tower’s performance and environmental impact into consideration, including drift loss, noise levels, and more. The cooling tower designs adhere to best practices to prevent Legionella and allow for easier cleaning and access to internal parts of the tower. 

Hamon’s services include thermal, hydraulic and structural design, noise and plume abatement, managing the environmental aspects of towers, and the selection of the correct equipment for each site’s unique issues, including pumps, piping, electrical systems, instrumentation, water treatment, lighting, and more. As your cooling tower manufacturer, we also offer civil construction work and the mechanical erection of towers; commissioning, testing, and auditing; upgrading, repairs and maintenance; dismantling and recycling; as well as the use of PVC film. 

Hamon has access to an extensive network of factories and sister companies which can provide local contracting, procurement and field services. The company also boasts a large global installed base. In addition to erection, maintenance, start-up and shutdowns, Hamon offers repairs, refurbishments and upgrades of towers and equipment. Hamon offers its customers short shutdowns, reliable system diagnoses and a particular focus on the action needed to keep systems running optimally. The Hamon test team is comprised of experienced thermal engineers who are able to perform any test, including performance, fan flow, hydraulic, noise, and vibration assessments. 


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