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Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Goldengrids A Splash Fill for Your Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Goldengrids A is an all-purpose solution that is suitable for most water qualities. It can even be used for seawater and heavily contaminated water. This heat transfer media involves trays which are hung from beams above the water distribution system. The grids, supports, and spacers are made of polypropylene and the wires are made from SS316 or more exotic alloys (according to the hardness and mineral content of the water). Any natural draft cooling tower work by Hamon engineering uses the best filters for the job. With the ability to design, install, contract and offer project management services, a splash fill chosen and fitted by Hamon is always the perfect solution. Even heavily contaminated water can benefit from these fills, which provide optimal heat transfer for your cooling tower. 


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