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Preventing Legionella In Cooling Towers

Preventing Legionella In Cooling Towers

What is Legionella? The Importance of Preventing Legionella in Cooling Towers

Legionella is the bacteria that can cause Legionnaire’s disease. Legionnaire’s disease is a respiratory illness that is spread through the inhalation of water contaminated with Legionella bacteria. The bacteria are hardy and can be found in air conditioning, humidifiers, and even central heating systems. It is believed that Legionella bacteria can survive inside pipes for over a year. Preventing Legionella in cooling towers can stop the spread of the bacteria that cause Legionnaire’s disease. By taking the appropriate measures against Legionella, you will also be preventing Pontiac fever. Unfortunately, it can be easy to contract Legionnaire’s disease from contaminated water, whether or not the person in question belongs to an at-risk group. Thorough regular cleaning and maintenance is an important first step in preventing Legionella in cooling towers.


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