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Wet Cooling Towers

Wet Cooling Towers

Counterflow vs. Crossflow in Wet Cooling Towers

Wet Cooling Towers are also popular because the towers can easily be adapted to suit high thermal performance and any water flow. Companies can choose from a variety of heat exchange surfaces depending on the situation and location, including splash grids and high-performance film. Wet Cooling Towers are divided into counterflow and crossflow. In crossflow cooling, the hot water is distributed perpendicular to the airflow. Counterflow cooling towers use pressurized spray nozzles to distribute the water from the top of the tower, with the air flow moving in the opposite direction to the flow of water.

Because counterflow air cooling systems are typically smaller and more efficient than crossflow air cooling systems, Hamon recommends replacing crossflow cells with counterflow cells, and can provide all the necessary services.


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