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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Hamon Research-Cottrell Wet Electrostatic Precipitator: reliability and easy maintenance

Because Wet ESPs typically operate in a corrosive environment Hamon Research-Cottrell will choose the most suitable material of construction to provide long life, resistance to corrosion and reliability. Material of construction can range from carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP to high end alloys such as Hastelloy® and will be selected after a deep analysis of the process gas, expected pH and chloride levels in the water. 

With a large installed base, Hamon Research-Cottrell can supply wet electrostatic precipitators in modules fully assembled in the shop and trucked to site ready for installation. For larger installations, either multiple modules or field erection can be offered depending upon schedule and field costs. 

As far as maintenance is concerned, the wet electrostatic precipitator is continuously self-cleaned with water and does not require moving of any mechanical parts increasing reliability and reducing maintenance. 

Hamon Research-Cottrell designs and manufactures Wet ESPs that will meet the requirements of the project while providing long-term reliable service.


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