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IT Support Engineer (India - Chennai)

Position summary:

The IT Support Engineer will be part of the Global IT team working in a technical support job and helpdesk operator in the local organization in Chennai. He/she will be monitoring and maintaining the computer systems as well as the networks within the organization.

Being part of the Global IT helpdesk, he/she be at the very busy front-line, dealing directly with employees or contractors who have technical issues such as forgotten passwords, viruses, printer or email issues. Tasks may include:

• Installing and configuring computer systems
• Diagnosing and solving hardware/software faults
• Logging customer/employee queries
• Analyzing call logs to spot trends and underlying issues Your typical 'to do' list will probably look something like this:
• Installing new software
• Installing new hardware (servers, printers, computer work stations etc)
• Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords
• Overseeing security of all systems, especially the internet
• Installing anti virus protection
• Fixing network faults
• Technical support for people using the network
• Training staff on new systems
• Day to day admin and monitoring of network use
• Planning future improvements
• Suggesting IT solutions to business problems
• Making sure all IT meets industry standards

With many doors open to you, there's plenty of opportunities and varied roles available, so you'll never be bored or feel like you're stuck in a dead-end job.

So whether you fancy working for end-user support, or specializing in providing IT maintenance, or supporting the rest of the business with their ongoing IT requirements, possibilities are available.

Working hours will change depending on your job. If you’re solving issues you’re likely to be asked flexibility to finish a job before leaving.

In terms of career progression, you can get promoted to senior technical support supporting IT functions on a worldwide basis.



Specific Requirements
1. Experience in desktop support with Windows OS, Xp, 7, 8 and 10, SFB, Outlook, Office products and printers.
2. Understanding of networking protocols and concepts including routing and wide area networks
3. Diagnostic abilities
4. Some experience with VMWare, Veeam, Hyper - V
5. Understanding of group policy and Active Directory concepts
6. Experience with server OS

General Requirements

1. He/she will have good spoken and written English and French, any other is an advantage.
2. Ideally has Microsoft, Cisco or other recognized certifications.
3. Must be willing to travel within France and Europe (20% max)
4. Must be willing to demonstrate some flexibility in working hours.

Work Environment:
Position is based at the Chennai Office
All Saturday Sundays are holidays

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