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AJINOMOTO Amiens: 2 cells of the wooden cooling tower replaced by independent FRP cells

Over 25 years ago, Hamon provided an induced draft cooling tower for the animal food Industry in Amiens, France. The end-user was Ajinomoto, a bio-industry stakeholder producing amino acids and embracing principles of the circular economy and sustainable development. 

The project

In February 2020, Hamon received an order for the replacement of 2 cells of the cooling tower at Ajinomoto site in Amiens, France. The scope of supply was the replacement of 2 cells of the wooden cooling tower by FRP cells with packing. 


Site works started in June 2020 and were successfully completed in less than 2 months. 


The challenges


There were many challenges to this aftermarket project among which: 

  • Dismantling of 2 wooden cells out of the 5 cells cooling tower with a joint structure

  • Replacement of the cells in a very short period of time: 3 weeks shut-down

  • Presence of very high piping racks in front of the cooling tower


The solutions

  • 2 independent FRP cells were designed and pre-erected next to the existing basin within 5 weeks.

  • The 2 wooden cells to be replaced were dismantled during shut down with cranes.

  • Each new cell is about 20 tons and was installed in one day thanks to a 220 ton crane, with a space of about 30 cm between them.

  • Mechanical fan sets were installed once the cells were settled.

  • Up to 16 people worked at site, leading to around 3700 hours of work.


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