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Pingshan II: the largest Cooling Tower in the world designed by Hamon

Pingshan power plant is a coal fired power station located in Anhui province, China. Project Phase I is composed of two ultra-supercritical units of 660 MW (1,320MW). Phase II will increase the performance and boost the total output power with 1,350 MW; allowing a total generated power of 2,670 MW.


The project


After the success of Pingshan phase I project, Hamon was awarded the cooling tower of phase II. Pingshan II is the largest and tallest cooling tower in the world, rising to 210 m above ground level. The previous record was held by the two cooling towers of the Kalisindh power plant in India (8 m shorter). 

It is the most powerful coal fired unit ever built.

The cooling tower has exceptional characteristics as well:
• External base diameter: Ø174 m
• External exhaust diameter: Ø98 m
• 35 000 m³ of heat exchange fill manufactured by a Hamon factory

The challenges

The main challenges were linked to the outstanding size of the cooling tower: 
• Guarantee the performance and maintain cold water within the applicable tolerances. 
• Discharge the clean gas without obstruction.
 Similarly to phase I, the new cooling tower is equipped with a flue gas duct to release the cleaned flue gas coming from the gas scrubber. This duct is supported by the cooling tower shell itself and a concrete support located in the cooling tower center.  No intermediate support has been considered to improve the internal air distribution.

The solutions

In order to guarantee the performance in such a large cooling tower, thermal design and manufacturing were optimized.

• Several computational fluid dynamics analysis were performed in order to validate the conventional designing tools in this huge cooling tower and guarantee the cooling performance within a 0.1°C range. 

• The duct of 9.5 m diameter made of FRP enters the shell at 47 m above the ground level to release the flue gas coming from the gas scrubber. Applying state-of-the-art technology, the internal duct is only supported on 2 points without any intermediate support, meaning an exceptional free span of 76 m.





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