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New Convection Section/Economizer Greatly Reduces Fouling

Hamon Deltak, Inc. has provided aftermarket services worldwide on over 185 projects for the last 25 years. Applications served: HRSGs, FCCU, Process Boilers, and CO/NOx Emission Control Equipment

HDI was approached to help develop a solution to a gas-side fouling issue in an existing Waste Heat Boiler at a refinery. After a detailed engineering analysis and site visit to discuss plant needs and desired process and maintenance requirements.

HDI was selected to design, fabricate, and handle freight logistics for a WHB Convection Section and Economizer Module. The Original Convection Section tube and fin design was retrofit with a new design to minimize gas-side corrosion slag buil-up and make cleaning easier. 

The Economizer heat transfer surface was replaced in-kind, but the internal floor was redesigned to aid in offline cleaning and minimize corrosion on the drain piping. Additionally, the sidewall casings were designed to be removed for enhanced inspection and maintenance access.

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