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Panel Design & Supply for a Refinery in Port Arthur, TX

In 2015, Hamon Deltak Inc. was asked to retrofit and upgrade the SuperHeater Panels of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator designed and fabricated by Deltak in 1998.

The Problems

Following a carryover incident, the client contacted HDI for panel replacement options. Due to revised ASME code requirements, material stress values would not allow for an in-kind replacement. The tubes needed to be thicker if the original material was to be used. Using thicker tubes would change system pressures and require a rerating and additional redesign on equipment that was not impacted by the carryover event.  

The Solutions

  • The Client selects T-23 material
  • HDI utilizes different tube-to-header joint design, based on fabrication experience, to limit future crack potential
  • HDI supplies panel tilting frame for handling panels onsite
  • Field assembly drawings were provided and HDI Field TA’s identified a work plan to minimize reinstallation effort of liners, baffles, piping, etc.
  • HDI Field TA’s onsite advised installation during the Unit 1 installation
  • HDI TA’s provided a complete HRSG inspection, including solutions for “fix now issues” related to baffles and gas bypass around heat transfer and emissions equipment
  • During the beginning of the Unit 1 installation, HDI TA’s provided a rigging concept which would allow for eased panel extraction and installation
  • HDI Field TAs were  onsite to advise installation during unit 2 construction
  • The HDI TA’s rigging concept was put in place for the installation of Unit 2, which saved several days of man-hours and premium time, and was also much more safe
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