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Waste Incineration - France

In 2009, the French office of Hamon Reasearch-Cottrell was awarded a contract by Sivom de l’agglomération Mulhousienne for the installation of new deNOx/deDiox plants in the urban waste incinerator of Sausheim 

The Project

The plant has 2 identical lines.

Each line has a capacity of  11.5 t/h and  consists of :

  • one fluidized bed furnace
  • one 3-pass boiler
  • two cyclones
  • one electrostatic precipitator
  • one intermediate fan with flue gas recirculation
  • two scrubbers
  • one ID fan
  • one stack

The Challenges

The main challenges were :

  • totally independent system to be installed outdoors, downstream the scrubbers, with incoming saturated flue gas temperature close to 60°C
  • combined deNOx and DeDiox plant
  • reliable heat source
  • reduced energy consumption

The Solutions

The solutions :

  • dual laminate FRP ducting and coupled heat exchangers with desaturation part made of glass tubes
  • catalyst sized for Dediox requirements
  • flue gas heated either by a gas burner or by a steam heat exchanger
  • complete recovery of the energy from the steam condensate
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