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Custodis Industrial Chimneys


Toll-Free: 800.445.6578

Eastern Region

Hamon Custodis Inc
46 East Main Street
Po Box 1500
Somerville, NJ 08876 USA
Direct: 908.333.2043

Midwest Region

Hamon Custodis, Inc.
7335 North State Highway 59
Brazil, IN 47834 USA

Direct: 812.442.7822

Southern Region

Hamon Custodis Inc
941 Alton Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35210 USA
Direct: 205.836.0057

Western Region

Hamon Custodis, Inc.
4078 West Nike Drive
West Jordan, UT 84088 USA
Direct: 801.255.8786


Hamon Custodis-Cottrell, Inc.
West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 2/3
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4B 1K4
Direct: 905.771.0234



Maintenance, Repair, Inspection and Demolition

Hamon Custodis activity is limited to the United States and Canada.

Maintenance and Repairs

At Hamon Custodis, we have come to realize virtually all maintenance and repair issues have structural ramifications. Approaching these issues from an engineering standpoint enables us to evaluate the problem, develop a thorough engineering solution and carry out safe, cost-effectie maintenance and repair on a timely basis.

We believe planned, regular monitoring of industrial steel stacks and reinforced concrete and brick chimneys enables early detection of defects that can be readily dealt with while the structure is still in a serviceable condition.

While brief outages are common during chimney maintenance and repair, our goal is to avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns and quickly get your plant back on-line.

Repair Services


As specialists in the field, our services encompass every aspect of chimney repair including:


  • Concrete Structural Repair

  • Plaftorm Modifications and Additions

  • Access Ladders and Walkways

  • Refractory & Borosilicate Linings

  • Relining - Gunite, Brick or Steel

  • Brick Tuckpointing and Repair

  • Alloy Lining / Wallpaper

  • New Breaching / Access Opening

  • Personnel Elevators

  • Protective Coatings

  • Ductwork, Expansion Joints, and Seals

  • Cap and Hood Replacement

  • CEMS & Elevator Enclosures

  • Annulus Pressurization Systems

  • Bypass Stacks

  • Liquid Collection Systems

  • Carbon Fiber Wrapping

  • Electrical Installations


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