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Maintenance and Repair

Specialists in developing creative and cost-effective solutions to the operational challenges of installed equipment, regardless of original manufacturer.

  • Regular inspections and maintenance is the first step to ensuring availability and reliability, as well as prolonging equipment life.
  • The Hamon customer service team can help you schedule your preventive maintenance plan immediately.

Air Quality Systems

Annaba ESP refurbishment

  • Troubleshooting & outage management
  • Inspections
  • Process evaluation
  • ESP and FF
  • Large rebuilds
  • Diagnostics and CFM modellling


Hamon has a wide experience in cooling tower maintenance, natural draft or mechanical draft.

Drift Eliminators

  • Mechanical cleaning (avoiding use of chemicals)
  • Prevention of legionnaire disease
  • Avoid gasp or holes
  • Efficiency increase
  • Selection of most appropriate type (wave or cellular - pitch)

Heat Exchange Media

  • Mechanical cleaning (without chemical doubles expected life)
  • Partial or full replacement
  • Efficiency increase
  • Replacement of asbestos cement sheets with PP grids or plastic film fill
  • Selection of most appropriate type depending on the water quality

Air Inlet Louvers

  • Modification of design of existing tower for subsequent installation of louvers
  • Addition of louvers or screens to prevent water loss and legionella

Noise Attenuation

  • Baffles in air ibnlet
  • Noise attenuators integrated in fan stacks
  • Slanted sheets in basin

Fan stacks

  • Replacement of concrete or wooden stacks by FRP
  • Addition of diffusers to reduce the energy consumption

Motor / Fan Group 

  • Replacement of fan blades or adjustment of pitch angle
  • Transmission shaft: replacement of steel with composite materials or of a bearing shaft with one in one piece
  • Installation of walkways above the drift eliminator to make access to the motor/fan group safe and easier


  • Replacement of a distribution network with flumes by a network with tubes if the water treatment has been improved. Replacement of wooden flumes by FRP ones
  • Modification of the network to facilitate the cleaning with removable tube ends.
  • Partial or complete repair of an existing AC by PVC elements


  • Partial or complete replacement (whatever the material) 
  • Replacement of primary and secondary beams
  • Partial or replacement of structural fixations 
  • Removal and replacement of upper part of cell 
  • Replacement of roof and casing 
  • Design of guide plans for civil work



Heat Recovery

Engineering Services

  • Performance Analysis
    • Rerate Studies
    • Efficiency Improvement
    • System Redesign/Analysis
    • Performance Modeling/Testing
  • CFD Modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • FAC Risk Assessment
  • Cycling Service Assessment
  • Root Cause Investigation

Field Services

  • Construction/Commissioning Advisory
  • Outage Advisory Services
  • Outage/Online Inspection Services for HRSGs, WHBs and Simple Cycle SCR Emissions Control Systems
    • Gas/Waterside Visual Inspection
    • UT/NDE Inspection Services
    • Borescope Inspections


During the lifetime of a chimney or steel stack, a number of routine maintenance issues such as inspection, ultrasonic thickness testing, painting and coating, need to be continually addressed.

Hamon Custodis offers a full spectrum of on-site inspection, maintenance, and repair services. We provide comprehensive services for major maintenance issues including temporary stacks. We perform engineering evaluations on existing chimneys and stacks and engineer necessary repairs for a life extension program.

We have regional offices and crews familiar with your facility and experienced in all facets of our services that can offer quick emergency responses at reduced mobilization costs.

  • Hamon Custodis Maintenance and Repair activities

    • Concrete Chimney Structural Repair

    • CEMS Installations

    • Platform Modifications and Additions

    • Complete In-house Engineering

    • Access Ladders and Walkways

    • Concrete Sheaths

    • Refractory Linings

    • Demolition - Total, Partial w/wo Rebuilds

    • Relining- Gunite, Brick, Steel, Borosilicate Glass Block

    • Detailed Inspection Reports

    • Brick Tuckpointing and Repair

    • Ductwork Repair

    • Alloy Lining/Wallpaper

    • Lightning Protection System 

    • New Breeching/Access Openings

    • Repair/Upgrade

    • Personnel Elevators

    • Concrete Chimney & Steel Stack Extensions

    • Protective Coatings

    • Mass Tuned Dampers

    • Ductwork, Expansion Joints and Seals

    • Venturi Installation

    • Cap and Hood Replacement

    • Vibration Damping

    • Obstruction Marking

    • Counter Weight System

    • Annulus Pressurization Systems

    • Structural Assessment

    • Temporary Stacks / Bypass Stacks

    • Life Extension Study

    • Electrical Installations

    • Carbon Fiber Wrapping

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