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HRSG for Power Generation

Hamon Deltak, Inc. has had the opportunity to engineer and manufacture more than 500 HRSGs in the last 40 years. From big to small, with different levels of complexity, our engineers have experience with the type of project you need. What sets HDI apart is the level of care that goes into engineering each HRSG project, and since half of our engineers have been at HDI for more than 15 years, it's easy to see why our HRSG standard is synonymous with quality.


HDI offers a variety of constructability options depending on the size of the HRSG being supplied. 

Modular Design - For small, single wide HRSGs that are shipped in fabricated modules for quick and easy constructability once on-site.

C-Section Design - For larger, usually double wide HRSGs that are too heavy to ship as a module in one piece, the modules are shipped in two halves.

Bundle Design - For large frame HRSGs that have the modules shipped in two parts; casing and a bundle of the panels, and once on-site, the panels are lifted, and let down through the top of the casing.


For projects that call for US fabrication, Hamon Deltak, Inc. is the only large HRSG manufacturer in the United States with an on-site fabrication facility. Our shop has ASME 'S' and 'U' certifications along with National Board 'NB' and 'R' certifications. We also have global suppliers that we hold to the same standards as we hold our shop in Minnesota to.

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