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18 May 2020

Worldwide biggest Fabric Filters in Indonesia

  • Dust Removal
News from our Indonesia site! We are still working there but Why ?
We, in HAMON, are taking seriously our work and are driven by our strong core value: "We are responsible to minimize the impact of the industry on our environment despite of the present Covid outbreak!"
Hard travel bans and governmental regulations in Batang, Central Java, have reduced the initial 13 000 workers drastically because of  the COVID pandemic! Nevertheless, with all Heath & Safety measures, work at site is done without interruption and with Hamon supervision to ensure the proper ongoing construction works to guarantee the best operation of its equipment for our environment! The good news is that we are almost done with our two worldwide biggest Fabric Filters. Those equipments will remove the dust from the burned gas of a two 1000 MW power plant with the highest efficiency. 
Thank you to all the members of team around the world for your dedication during this special period on this impressive project!
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