9 February 2018

CTCI awards Hamon Deltak one (1) Heat Recovery Steam Generator in Rayong, Thailand

  • Heat Recovery

CTCI Corporation has placed an order to HAMON DELTAK for one heat recovery steam generator to be installed at the Central Utility Plant (CUP-4) in Rayong, Thailand. 

Hamon Deltak will design and supply material for the single pressure, fired HRSG. 

The Central Utility Plant Project 4 (CUP-4) will produce 45MW of electricity and 140,000lbs/hr of steam. "The distribution system between CUP-4 and CUP-1 will be connected in order to improve stability and serve customer demand by supporting nearby estates" http://www.gpscgroup.com/en/business/project/163/central-utility-plant-project-4-cup-4


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