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28 September 2021

  • Acid Gas Removal

KC-Cottrell and Hamon are joining forces to internationally deploy the Sea Water Flue Gas Desulfurization (SWFGD) based on the State-of-the-Art Technology of Hamon


KC-Cottrell Co., Ltd, Leading Engineering and Contracting Group of Companies active in Air Quality Systems and Waste to Energy, primarily for Power and Industries in Asia-Pacific and, Hamon & Cie, World Leader in Cooling Systems and active in Air Quality Systems primarily in Europe and America, have signed a collaboration agreement to join their expertise and resources to serve the worldwide market of Sea Water Flue Gas Desulfurization (SWFGD) based on the state-of-the-art technology of Hamon.  Used in coastal areas, this process is applied to remove SOx from thermal power plant exhaust gases without additional reagents reaching a 99 % efficiency.



From a practical standpoint, KC-Cottrell will lead the Activities in the Asia-Pacific Market and Hamon will cover EMEA and America. Both companies are confident that this cooperation will improve their market presence, competitiveness, and quality of services, re-enforcing their leadership.

Fabrice Orban, CEO of the Hamon Group, says: “The Hamon Group’s mission is to support our clients to better integrate their industrial process in a more sustainable economy and cope with the crucial climate challenges we’re facing now. This collaboration agreement will help us provide a better coverage and an increased efficiency for the benefit of our clients and the environment.”

According to Philippe Delvaux, Executive VP of KC-Cottrell, in charge of Overseas Activities, “KC-Cottrell continues its mission to bring well-proven technologies to its customers, bringing higher value through its skilled resources and competitive approach. This is an agreement between two major actors focusing on their core competences and their served markets.


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