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17 December 2021


  • Dust Removal

Hamon Research Cottrell (HRC) was contracted by a leading International Mining Company to rebuild their Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) at their Arizona Copper mining facility. 


The project involved a complete redesign of the ESP from a tumbling hammer style ESP to the HRC standard MiGi rapper design incorporating our industry-best G-Opzel collecting electrodes and Pipe & Spike emitters.  Additional collecting surface was added in the voids produced from the removal of the tumbling hammer equipment which then provided space to use a Penthouse design to cover the high voltage transmission components.  Power supplies were updated to high frequency, switched mode devices to further improve performance.

HRC completed the design, procurement, and construction Safely, On Time, and Under Budget during a planned 2021 outage. Major component replacement including Discharge Electrodes, Collecting Electrodes, Casing Plate, Hoppers, Penthouse Steel, and Transformer Rectifiers.

The ESP is used to clean flue gases generated by a copper concentrate smelting process, to ensure clean flue gas is released to the atmosphere.



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