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6 April 2021

Hamon 5 cell FRP cooling tower installation completed at the world's largest lyocell fiber plant in Thailand

  • Wet Cooling Towers

HAMON-B.GRIMM has just completed the cooling tower installation on T3 project for Lenzing Group in Prachinburi, Thailand. 

In order to address the customer's challenges, the cooling tower was designed with special features including: 

  • Fire walls & a firefighting system to reduce the risk of fire and avoid structural damage and interruption of the plant.

  • FRP lining on the cooling tower basin to prevent chemicals from attacking the porous concrete or penetrating existing cracks into the chiller plant on the first floor.

  • A lighting system designed to achieve light uniformity.

  • A side stream filtration unit to remove suspended solid, organic and particle from the cooling water.




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