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25 June 2020

Hamon is launching its 2MR Filter

  • Dust Removal

Hamon is taking part in the Circular Economy of the Cement Industry with its Fabric Filter. Cement is the most widely used man-made product worldwide and the second consumed resource after water, accounting for 8% CO2 Global Emissions. The World Cement Association is making efforts to reduce the emissions drastically but is facing many difficulties such as the lack of policy incentives to convince cement manufacturers to invest in new technologies.

We are proud to launch our Movable, Modular and Reusable Dust Filter in collaboration with Sinoma CBMI! With 60.000 m3 up to 250.000m3/h polluted gas treated, this special design will follow its Cement mill plant, embrace several lives and continuously clean the air from particulate matters. Assembled with only bolts and moved by conventional truck, there is no need to remanufacture the equipment and this will save up to 5.000 Tons of CO2 per equipment! We have already received orders for projects in China, Philippines and Zimbabwe. Let's continue to innovate and work on a better and greener Environment. 








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