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13 January 2021

Renewable energy: Hamon selected by Transfradelos to provide a 3 modules Air Cooled Condenser for a biomass power plant in Portugal

  • Dry Cooling

The Hamon Group, through its subsidiary Esindus, will provide a 3 modules ACC to Transfradelos and contribute to the extension project of the existing Probiomass I  power plant  operating since 2017 in Portugal.

The 10 megawatt (MW) biomass power plant will use forest biomass as fuel source, which contributes to saving gas emissions (expected 32.500 t/year) and reduces the risk of forest fires. 


Power generation fueled by biomass is considered as carbon neutral as it only releases carbon dioxide that was absorbed during the plant’s growth. Using biomass fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels enables power generation to reduce CO2 emissions globally and consequently to contribute to the prevention of global warming. As opposed to other renewables, biomass power generation can serve as a baseload electricity source, as it is controllable and is not affected by weather and/or atmospheric conditions. 

Developed by Transfradelos, Lda the project is already ongoing and it is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2021.

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