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21 January 2022

Hamon selected to provide a 20-cell hybrid cooling tower in Korea

  • Wet Cooling Towers

By providing a plume abated induced draft cooling tower to SK Ecoplant, Hamon will contribute to the world’s first LNG/LPG combined cycle power plant. Hamon has just been awarded a contract for a 20-cell FRP PAID for ULSAN GPS, a combined cycle power plant under construction by SK Gas in Ulsan, Korea. It is the third contract placed to Hamon by SK after Hynix Icheon and Cheongju new semiconductor plants. 

The facility will use LNG and LPG as clean fuels; with a total power generation capacity of 1,122 MW. Commercial operation of the plant is scheduled for 2024.

With this new award, Hamon is increasing its already unrivalled reference list in plume abated cooling. The cooling tower with plume abatement (also called hybrid or wet/dry) is an evaporative cooling tower combined with a dry heat exchanger. It is used to abate the cooling tower plume where local constraints are such that the presence of plume is not accepted. The hybrid wet dry cooling tower is a cost-effective, high-performance solution. 

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