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5 November 2021

Mexico: start-up of the Hamon cooling tower at Cryoinfra’s gas-production plant

  • Wet Cooling Towers

By providing a 2 cell FRP induced draft cooling tower to the Mexican company Cryoinfra, Hamon will contribute to the gas-production plant in Mexico. Hamon was awarded a contract for the engineering, material, assembly, supervision, and commissioning of the cooling tower for the gas-production plant in San Luis Potosi, previously an important gold and silver mining city located in central Mexico.
The INFRA Group, through its subsidiary Cryoinfra, has developed experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of ONSITE oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen gas supply plants. Thanks to the onsite concept, they guarantee the uninterrupted supply of industrial gases such as O2, N2, H2 during the production processes of their clients. The INFRA Group currently serves thousands of clients from small businesses and large conglomerates on the northern border of Mexico to Central America, with an infrastructure of more than 30 gas-production plants, more than 130 filling centers, more than 200 branches and 1,500 transport units, which guarantees the supply of its products throughout the country.

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