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14 July 2020

Plume abatement (Hybrid) Cooling Tower successfully completed by HAMON-B.GRIMM in Thailand

  • Wet Cooling Towers
HAMON-B.GRIMM has successfully  supplied and installed a Plume abatement (Hybrid) Cooling Tower at Suvarnabhumi airport near Bangkok – Thailand. 
This Plume abatement Cooling tower consists of 6 cells and has a very special design since it is located beside the Chiller plant building which will serve the new SATELLITE Terminal 1 building. As the cooling tower is located very close to the airport runways, the no visible plume design conditions were applied : dry bulb temperature of 13 °C  and relative humidity of 92%. These design conditions are very tough for Thailand.
When completed, this new SATELLITE Terminal 1 will have 28 aircraft boarding gates (eight of which will serve Code F A380 aircrafts) with a passenger capacity reaching 15 million per year. 
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