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19 August 2021

Pulp & Paper: Hamon selected to provide a 4 cell FRP cooling tower in Finland

  • Wet Cooling Towers

Hamon has been entrusted by Aquaflow Ltd, a global market and technology leader as a supplier of wastewater treatment plants to the chemical forest industry and Veolia’s Technology Center in the Pulp & Paper Industry, for the engineering and the supply of a 4 cell FRP cooling tower for the new Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland, an investment of 1,6 million EUR.

The cooling towers cool down treated effluent water which generally generates more biofouling within the cooling tower than normal industrial water. Therefore, the cooling fill will be equipped with non-fouling splash grids, additional cleaning openings in the water distribution, and temporary access facilities in order to facilitate the maintenance of the cooling tower. The cooling tower will also have a special design to meet the requirements of the weather conditions due to its location in Northern Finland/Europe.


The new bioproduct mill will be built using the best available technology (BAT) or even more advanced technology such as waste water treatment. Technology together with the skilled personnel operating the new mill will guarantee achieving the best possible environmental performance under all conditions. The bioproduct mill will operate entirely fossil-free and have a high degree of environmental, energy and material efficiency. It will produce an annual 1,5 million tonnes of softwood and hardwood pulp, as well as many other bioproducts. The mill’s electricity self-sufficiency rate will be 250 per cent, wood required by the mill will be procured from sustainably managed forests, and the origin of the wood is always known. The construction phase of the mill will take approximately two and a half years, and mill will be started during the third quarter of 2023. 



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