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20 October 2020

SK Hynix entrusting Hamon with the biggest FRP Plume abated cooling project in Korea

  • Wet Cooling Towers

While executing Phase 1 of plume abated cooling tower project in Icheon, Hamon has been awarded 2nd Phase of SK Hynix critical project in Cheongju, Korea and will provide the two biggest plume abated cooling towers with a full FRP structure in Korea. 

The installation of cooling towers in an urban area might be difficult where local constraints are such that the presence of plume is not accepted in normal conditions. Thanks to our plume abatement cooling technology, Hamon was selected to support SK Hynix in its challenging project.

The evaporative cooling tower is combined with a dry heat exchanger to dramatically reduce the plume. Hamon will provide two plume abated cooling towers with a total of 24 cells, increasing our large reference list in hybrid cooling towers. 




Because of repeated outages at semiconductor plants every year, SK Hynix has decided to build its own power plants named “Smart Energy Centers” near its semiconductor factories in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, and Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, by 2022. 

Securing stable power is vital to the Semiconductor factories as they use a lot of electric power and are in constant operation.  The SK Hynix power plants will be LNG-based cogeneration plants, generating about 570 MW of electricity a year, an amount that can be used by 500,000   households. 


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