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Air Coolers

With over 50 years of experience in the field of Heat Exchange HAMON D’HONDT can address and resolve all of your needs in air-cooled heat exchange. HAMON D’HONDT designs and manufactures air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE)- also called aircoolers -, and finned tubes and can offer their products to chemical, petrochemical, power and heat recovery industries.

Why Hamon?

Constant Search for Improvement

Our objective to satisfy our customers’ expectations is fulfilled thanks to the constant improvement of our production processes. HAMON D’HONDT allocates a large part of resources and efforts in research and development to improve our products continuously.

HAMON D’HONDT is able to perform efficiently in house large scientific and technical calculations, 2D-3D drafting works, Finite Elements Analysis and project control tasks with its wide library of scientific programs and computing hardware.


Hamon D’Hondt has four factories: the main one in Fresnes-sur-Escaut, France, one in Jubail Industrial area, Saudi Arabia, to serve more specifically the Middle East markets, one in South Korea for the Korean and Asian market and a new one in Russia.

The workshops are equipped with the most modern facilities for proper Manufacturing and Control. They are performing tube finning, bundle assembly, air cooled heat exchanger modularizing and all relevant tests (Hydrotest, Helium leak tests, Vibration, noise) whereas the pressure parts (Headers) are only being manufactured in France and shipped to the other workshops..

Facts and figures


Manufacturing Facilities France - Saudi Arabia - South Korea - Russia


Founding of Ateliers Fran├žois d'Hondt


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