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Air coolers

The air-cooled heat exchangers are mostly used when the plant location and the ambient conditions do not allow an easy and economic use of other cooling systems.
The most evident advantages of air-cooled heat exchangers are:

HAMON D’HONDT provides complete aircooler units including tube bundle assembly, motor-fan groups, structure, access ladders and walkways. Typical arrangement can be :

Forced Draft

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Allows easier maintenance of the fans.
Fans deliver air at ambient temperature with consequent higher efficiency.

Induced Draft

The plenum chambers are mounted on top of the bundle and protect the finned surface against wind, rain, snow and partially hail. The location of the fans also ensures an optimum air distribution, limits air recirculation and allows maintenance at a lower level. 

Air-Recirculation Unit

This feature is recommended for special process (hydrate prevention..) and cold climates where it is advisable to provide warm air recirculation to prevent freezing or pouring. The recirculation may be achieved by mean of louvers, steam coils and variable fans.



Hamon D’Hondt also supplies pre-assembled modules.

Typical components include headers, finned tubes, and fan assembly.

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