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Industrial Chimneys

As one of the largest chimney constructors in the world with over 100 years of experience and more than 10,000 installations worldwide, Hamon Custodis is the company of choice for electric power clients and industrial clients who demand superior quality, long-lasting performance and the utmost operating safety from their chimneys.

At Hamon Custodis we offer state-of-the-art computerized design capabilities that reflect the latest industry standards and codes. Our direct involvement and active participation with ACI, ASCE, ASME and CICIND chimney committees further ensures we are up to date regarding the latest standards and practices governing chimney design and construction.

We are committed to involvement on the ground floor of a project during planning and permitting stages that include initial analysis of operating conditions and conceptual chimney design along with budget pricing.

Our involvement remains committed through proposal design and firm pricing during the RFP stage, through final design and construction after contract award.

Hamon Custodis has the world's largest staff of in-house engineering resources experienced in the design and construction of new chimneys. We combine engineering know-how with proven construction expertise to provide clients with comprehensive capabilities and an unequaled track record of performance. Our turnkey approach delivers maximum on-site efficiency that minimizes cost to our clients while our ongoing commitment to innovation translates into state-of-the-art chimneys that will perform dependably to meet client needs today and tomorrow.

Construction Techniques & Equipment

Over the years Hamon Custodis has pioneered many innovative construction techniques including:

  • Slip form concrete construction
  • Jump form concrete construction
  • Erection of FRP liners
  • Erection of high alloy clad liners
  • Improved erection procedures that expedite construction.

We have the industry's largest inventory of specialized equipment for new chimney construction at our disposal including:

  • Construction formwork for plumb or tapered chimneys of cylindrical cross section,
  • Internal and external working platforms,
  • Heavy hydraulic lifting equipment,
  • Personnel and material hoists.


Choice of Chimney Lining Materials

An important decision in chimney design is the selection of the correct liner material for handling of flue gas. Proper liner selection is the result of a thorough study of flue gas composition, operating conditions, customer performance requirements and direct consultation with a qualified corrosion specialist. As the industry's leading chimney constructor, Hamon Custodis handles and installs all types of lining materials and can provide guidance on material selection based on experience.

These lining materials include:

  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • C-276 and other high nickel alloys both solid and clad
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Gunite linings
  • Refractory linings
  • Borosilicate glass block linings
  • Vinylester coatings
  • Acid resistant brick and mortar


Noteworthy Experience

From the first Custodis concrete chimney built in 1906, our experience boasts over 10,000 chimneys built around the world, many of which were world record holders at the time of construction. Among these are the 585 ft. (178.3 m) tall brick chimney built in 1918 for Anaconda Copper Mining Company in Anaconda, Montana. With an 86 ft. (26.2 m) base diameter, it is still believed to be the tallest and largest brick chimney ever built.

We have also built concrete chimneys of 707 ft. (215.5 m) constructed in 1953, 826 ft. (251.8 m) built in 1966, and 1,100 ft. (335.3 m) erected in 1974. Current chimney designs are typically shorter due to environmental advances; however, Hamon Custodis is commonly building 625 ft. (190 m) to 750 ft. (230 m) tall chimneys throughout the US.


Hamon Custodis is active in most of the major chimney industry Code organizations and Committees, including CICIND, ACI 307, ASME STS-1, ASCE Condition Assessment, ASTM FRP Liners and the US National Stack and Chimney Labor Management Committee.

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