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Dust Removal

In an industry that is changing constantly, Hamon Research-Cottrell is ready to accept the challenges with it. In 1907 Dr. Frederick Gardner Cottrell invented the first industrial Electrostatic Preciptator, in 1912 he founded the non-profit Research Corporation, and forty years later, Research Corporation gave birth to Research-Cottrell. Since then, we've been an industry leader, supplying over 5,000 ESPs in the last 100 years, and much more dust removal equipment. 

Why Hamon?


Hamon has an installed base of over 5000 ESPs in numerous industries. We can design them to meet the stringent particulate emission with minimal pressure loss and high equipment reliability. Hamon Research-Cottrell has multi-industry experience, supplying dust removal equipment in a variety of industries including Power, Refinery, Mining, Steel, Cement, Fertilizer, Acid Recovery, and more.


HRC supports its clients with aftermarket parts, service, and upgrades

Facts and figures


Hamon Research-Cottrell has supplied over 5000 ESPs since 1907


HRC developed the first ESP in 1907


Since 2000, we've contracted for ~14,000MW of Fabric Filters for the United States utility fleet.


Our Fabric Filter design allows for as many as 1600 filter bags

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