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Nox Removal

We have successfully installed Selective catalytic reduction deNOx plants (SCR) in the most stringent applications like hazardous waste incinerators or diesel engines.

  • Design is compatible with high-dust and tail-end configurations.
  • Catalyst operating range from 165°C  with a thermal regeneration system to more than 400°C.
  • Efficiency higher than 90% easily achieved.
  • Both ammonia or urea solutions are compatible reagents for our system.

The catalyst replacement management plan can easily be  optimized by our in-house capacity to execute Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies which improve the distribution of the flue gas mixed with ammonia over the catalyst surface and by the possibility of installing an additional catalyst layer in the future.

The CFD also allows for a reduced pressure drop through the whole system.

When required, the cleaning system, with compressed air or steam sootblowers, is specifically designed so that it has no impact on the integrity of the catalyst modules.

Amongst the possible options, the catalyst can be sized for an additional treatment of Dioxins and a separate layer of catalyst can be added in the reactor for CO reduction.

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