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Wet Cooling

Hamon aims at offering the best economical solution for the lifetime of field erected cooling towers. We have experts in each of the following areas:

  • Thermal, hydraulic and structural design
  • Environmental aspects among which noise and plume abatement
  • Selection of associated equipment (system)
  • Civil work construction and mechanical erection
  • Commissioning, testing and auditing
  • Upgrade, repair and maintenance
  • Dismantling and recycling (including PVC film)

Why Hamon?

Unrivaled Experience

With a century of experience to provide the highest quality and safe equipment, HAMON continues to supply the appropriate custom design field-erected Cooling System solution required in the power generation and the industry. HAMON manages to integrate in its selection, technical options for various obligations and criteria of performance.
Numerous installations and equipment operating worldwide in a wide range of industrial plants in all design conditions are evidences of Hamon capabilities and experience.

Wet Cooling Tower - An Environmentally Friendly Solution

A well-designed cooling tower avoids production losses and therefore reduces the energy consumption of a process. Effective drift eliminators diminish the drift losses and therefore the water make-up. The temperature of a cooled water rejected in nature is such that environmental consequences are minimized.

Service Teams

All industries are constantly searching for improvement potentials in their process and production. Our service teams can help you to get the most from your cooling tower

  • to ensure its availability
  • to prolong equipment service life, delaying new capital investment
  • to reduce operating costs and ensure the optimum level of performance
  • to reduce costly down time due to equipment failures
  • to ensure a safe operating, environmental and working conditions

Our team Consists of specialised staff led by experienced managers with a solid technical background, who

  • have the comprehension and experience to act as a reliable advisor at any stage of your project
  • have a deep knowledge of the safety rules in all activity sectors (chemical, petrochemical, power plants...)
  • is VCA certified (or Country specific equivalent) and have a full understanding of environmental, concerns and challenges  
  • have the capacity to perform in very short times during programmed shutdowns

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Induced Draft Cooling Towers


Natural Draft Cooling Towers


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